Applicable Laws

New Native Brush and Shrub Ordinance takes effect

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Key Points of the Ordinance

New Ordinance

  • Chapter 8.94 Native bushes and shrubs
  • Native shrubs are defined as:
          1)   Manzanita
          2)  Mountain Mahogany
          3)  Mountain WhiteThorn
          4)  Service Berry
          5)  Sage species
          6)  Rabbit Brush

These Are NOT rare or endangered plants.

          1)  Juniper Shrubs
          2)  Spanish Broom
  • Native brush shall not be planted or maintained within 15 feet of any building or structure.
  • Acceptable – within 15 feet if plant is isolated and is heavily modified by removing dead branches and lower foliage.
  • The maximum diameter of a single species shall not exceed 15 feet.
  • Groups of shrubs clumped together shall not exceed 15 feet in diameter.
  • Native brush shall be installed and maintained with horizontal spacing such that the space between two shrubs shall be a minimum of 2 times the height of the tallest shrub - unless shrub is isolated or heavily modified.